Over the past seven decades the SDCTA's fiscal policy research and advocacy efforts have saved the region's taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. Additionally, the SDCTA has played a crucial role in establishing San Diego's post war civic infrastructure. Successes include the creation and development of the Point Loma Sewage plant, Mission Bay Park, the construction of Qualcomm Stadium, overseeing San Diego Unified School District's $1.5 billion school facilities bond and the passage of the region's $14 billion transportation infrastructure measure -- TransNet II. Past reforms include the SDCTA's support for creation of a County of San Diego chief administrative officer in the late 1940s. The SDCTA continued to work on reforming County government when it took a leadership role in supporting privatization efforts that have saved over $40 million annually.

Public opinion polls consistently rate the SDCTA as the most "influential” and “trusted” public policy institution in San Diego. This powerful position often puts the SDCTA at the forefront of some of the most important and, at times, controversial initiatives in our community. Despite the challenges, the SDCTA continues to effectively protect our region's individual and business taxpayers. Key to the continued success of the Association is our detailed analysis and independent approach to every issue.

When it comes to ballot measures, politicians, proponents and opponents know that the position the SDCTA takes on any given issue often makes the difference between victory and defeat at the ballot box. The SDCTA has worked hard to earn the trust of the public and we take this responsibility seriously. The voters have placed their faith in the SDCTA and we will continue to provide them with accurate, unbiased information to enable them to make informed decisions.

The SDCTA does more than advocate on behalf of taxpayers. The association has a history of educating the community on a great many of the issues that affect our region. From our election guides to our Breakfast Club forums, the SDCTA strives to give the public the information it needs to better understand the issues facing our region. In addition to publications, the SDCTA hosts the annual Golden Watchdog & Golden Fleece Awards event to "inform and educate the taxpayers of San Diego County about the good, the bad and the ugly of government efficiency and spending.” These awards give the public a singular opportunity to voice their appreciation and disapproval of government spending practices by nominating programs that highlight fiscal decisions of the past year. Golden Watchdog Awards honor programs that exemplify efficient use of tax dollars. Golden Fleece Awards are given to examples of wasteful, inefficient government spending. The purpose of the awards is to stimulate public debate and educate taxpayers on how government spends tax dollars in San Diego County.