SDCTA OPPOSES AB 1250   Date: 08/18/2017

Author: SDCTA Staff
Media Source: Position Paper

AB 1250 does not seem to provide a valid solution to high-cost or low-quality services. The additional cost and legal risk created by the regulations in AB 1250 could discourage counties from seeking outside professional service providers when necessary and could discourage contractors from bidding to provide services. Additionally, AB 1250 limits the ability of county officials to perform their duties and make judgments about how to best provide important services to their communities. This measure would greatly affect San Diego County, which relies heavily on contracting for services such as behavioral health.


2017 School Bond Transparency Scorecard   Date: 07/25/2017

Author: SDTEF
Media Source: Studies

The 2017 School Bond Transparency Scorecard provides a snapshot of transparency in school bond oversight committees. All findings are based on information made available on ICOC/school district websites. The scorecard does not rate the effectiveness or performance of school bond programs.

Click on the markers below to explore an interactive map of our findings. You can also email the oversight committee or relevant school board with the contact information provided within the scorecard.


Principles for the Evaluation of Climate Action Implementation Choices   Date: 07/24/2017

Author: SDCTA Staff
Media Source: Miscellaneous

The San Diego County Taxpayers Association (SDCTA) has consistently been a public advocate for good governance and effective public management, and local governments are facing numerous policy options to adapt to climate change. In order to assist elected leaders in the decision making process when it comes to policy options for the implementation of climate action plans, SDCTA has compiled the following list of “Principles for Evaluation of Climate Action Implementation Choices.” It is our vision that through the implementation of these principles, elected leaders will have the tools to make the most effective policy decisions to meet climate action goals.