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Advocate. Influence. Fight for San Diego’s taxpayers. 



Why join?

Members are ready to fight for San Diego’s taxpayers and influence public policy by engaging with our issue committees and influential membership compromised of San Diego's top businesses and leaders.

Our members envision a future where San Diego citizens receive a better return on investment in public assets and services. We work to reduce the need for tax revenue or taxpayer debt by advocating for policies that create efficiencies in public services, which affect San Diegans’ quality of life, and we stand against policies that disengage, disaffect, and disenfranchise the taxpayer.

who should become a member?

We speak for the taxpayer, therefore we encourage individual citizens, small businesses and large enterprises wanting to have a voice in San Diego politics to apply.

Potential members submit an application to join and are chosen based on their desire and commitment to stand up for San Diego’s taxpayers and influence efficient public policy.  


Membership Benefits:

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