SDTEF Educational Programs


The San Diego Taxpayers Educational Foundation partners with local universities to provide educational opportunities to local leaders, public officials, and community members interested in learning about complex public policy issue areas.

Current offerings include courses on school bonds and public retiree systems for continuing education credits through UC San Diego Extension and Point Loma Nazarene University.


Upcoming Programs

  • Housing 101: Needs, Development, and Process

    • March 11 - April 6, 2019 — SOLD OUT!

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    • Online course through Point Loma Nazarene University

      • This course educates candidates, elected officials, community leaders, and local taxpayers about housing needs, development and process in California.

      • Four-week online structure allows you to plan assignments and learning around your own schedule.

    • Gain fundamental tools to:

      • Identify the key players and their roles in affordable housing development

      • Understand the need for providing affordable housing

      • Understand introductory concepts to housing financing

      • Identify opportunities and questions to explore improvement and efficiency

Other Program Offerings

  • Legitimate and Effective School Bonds Course

    • Online course through Point Loma Nazarene University

      • Course focus is for oversight committee members/ candidates and school board members/ candidates to expand the knowledge and assistance in the oversight process to ensure cost-effective, transparent, legally-compliant, and successful facilities bonds.

      • Four-week online structure allows you to plan assignments and learning around your own schedule.

  • The Practice of Designing and Running School Bonds

    • Hybrid in-person/ online course through UC San Diego Extension

      • Course focus is for professionals who are interested in cost-effective, transparent, legally-compliant, and—most notably—successful school bonds

      • Through this course intensive, you will hone your knowledge and expertise to:

        • Assess the legitimacy of a need for a school bond, and if legitimate, describe the process to get a bond to the voter for a decision.

        • Analyze how principles of effective public management apply specifically to school bonds.

        • Define and recognize best practices that ensure school bonds are transparent and ethical so they do not lose legitimacy.