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Why join?

The Educational Foundation is San Diego’s public policy think tank. Members collaborate on research and civic education that informs San Diego’s taxpayers on important quality of life issues.  

Our members believe that informed citizens and accountable government agencies are the keys to better policy. That’s why our members have joined together to create San Diego’s most effective, nonpartisan public policy think tank: The San Diego Taxpayers Educational Foundation. Members help to conduct purposeful research and educational programs that explain complicated policy issues. Our research is used to inform citizens and advocacy groups so they can hold public and government agencies accountable for taxpayer dollars.

who should become a member?

Educational institutions (including art institutions, universities, school districts, high-schools, and elementary schools), public agencies, and individuals who want to better understand complex public policy issues should apply. 

Potential members submit an application to join and are chosen based on their desire and commitment to research and education in San Diego.


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