Our Policy Platform

Who We Are, What We Believe, and What We Want to See for San Diego

We are an association of individuals, businesses, and organizations who promote effective and efficient public policy on behalf of all taxpayers throughout the Greater San Diego Region. We engage community leaders and the general San Diego public around well researched policy solutions to important public problems.

General Principles

  • We believe the free market through the private sector generally provides the private goods and services San Diegans need.
    • When advocates propose government intervention as a response to market failures, it is our association’s job to evaluate whether that intervention is appropriate.
  • We believe public goods and services should be provided as efficiently and effectively as possible from organizations in both the public and private sector through practices supported by data and academic research.
    • In pursuit of efficiency, for profit, nonprofit, and governmental enterprises should establish and track measureable goals when providing public goods or services.  
    • Even if effective, an organization is more efficient if it can achieve those goals with less financial resources.  
  • We believe practical leadership is vital, and “perfect” can be an impediment to progress.
    • Policy solutions should be scoped to the scale of the problem.
    • We acknowledge our community’s shared responsibility to assist those who cannot help themselves
    • Costs and benefits over the life of a project should be taken into account when determining the effectiveness and efficiency of a proposal.  
    • Some policies have beneficiaries who should share in the responsibilities and risks of these proposals
    • We believe our staff have the capabilities, capacities, and character to identify reasonable solutions and to produce independent advice.

Key Priorities for 2018

  • The cost of living in San Diego is high, and housing is a driver of that cost.
    • The aggregate of regulatory, fee, and tax structures involved in housing development is not meeting the needs of many San Diegans.
    • We need to be cautious in dedicating additional public funds to housing while there are proven efficiencies to be gained within the development process.

  • The overall tax liability for a San Diegan produces public resources that, if utilized effectively, could tackle public problems like poverty and homelessness.
    • Unfunded pension liabilities continue to be a threat to municipal finances.  Options for employee pension benefits, however, could reduce that threat.
    • Preventative social programs can be more effective and efficient in achieving certain positive outcomes.  Long term community benefit should be the goal of our social services, and we should seek to reduce the number of individuals needing public services.