Taxpayers Association Opposes National City Rent Control, Supports Oceanside Sales Tax and City Council Ethics Reform

San Diego (August 29th, 2018) -- As November’s election approaches, the San Diego County Taxpayers Association continues to take positions on key issues. Recently, SDCTA took positions on the following issues:

National City Rent Control | Measure W | OPPOSE
Oceanside Sales Tax | Measure X | SUPPORT
San Diego City Council Ethics Reform | Measure L | SUPPORT

“We can all agree that we need more housing in San Diego County. Part of the reason that rent is such a huge burden for families in our region is that the supply of units is not large enough to meet demand. The problem with rent control, though, is that it hurts the very people it intends to help by discouraging the construction of new homes -- the exact thing that would lower r ents.” said Haney Hong, president and CEO of the San Diego County Taxpayers Association.

SDCTA elected to support Measure L’s Ethics Reform and council pay raise for several reasons. Most importantly, the Association noted that the measure will help the City of San Diego attract high quality Council candidates by adjusting their pay to be in line with cities that have a similar cost of living . In addition, it prevents Councilmembers from voting on their own salaries and increases transparency to the public on lobbying.

Recently, SDCTA voted to support Oceanside’s temporary Sales Tax measure because the measure offers financial oversight, the City has shown a commitment to fiscal responsibility, and officials have demonstrated a legitimate need for the increase. There is a sunset after seven years.

For nearly three-fourths of a century, SDCTA has evaluated taxes and policies in order to ensure that when tax revenues are raised, local government uses and those funds responsibly. SDCTA continues to take positions on the issues facing San Diegans this November.

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Rosey Williams