Leadership & Governance Courses

Don’t just learn how to lead -- learn how to govern! 

Our courses teach current and aspiring community leaders and public servants how to govern effectively and efficiently in local government. We tackle relevant topics facing local governments today, such as housing, school bonds, government spending, and more.

Unlike other professional development training, our classes are offered through accredited universities, and participants earn university-level continuing education credits for their time and effort. 

Become an Effective Community Leader 

Anyone can get elected, but not many understand the nuts and bolts of public policy.

Are you ready to launch yourself into a leadership role like elective office, but want to improve your understanding of public policy? 

Our community leadership courses give you a robust framework to understand important policy issues that will be front-and-center in your leadership position. After our courses, you’ll be ready to tackle complex financial and intergovernmental questions in high-profile meetings, better understand the terminology, and discuss public policy issues intelligently at public hearings. 

Type of Classes: Online class; 4 weeks


Housing 101:

Needs, Development, and Process

School Bonds 101:

Legitimate and Effective School Bonds

Become an Efficient Public Manager 

As the an “do-er,” you need to understand complex public policy issues better than anyone.

Want to be a city manager, superintendent, or future executive of a local agency? Want to get promoted in your current career?

Our public management courses dive deep into public policy design and implementation, preparing government employees for the next steps in their careers. As the “do-er”, you don’t need a high-level overview; you need an implementation manual and best practices handbook. Our courses give you in-depth knowledge on how to implement public policy effectively and efficiently in your local government. 

Type of Classes: Hybrid (Online & In-person); 4 weeks


Housing 201:

Development, Markets & Financing

School Bonds 201:

The Practice of Designing and Running

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