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Advancing effective and efficient government policies for San Diego


Our growing membership is at the heart of our organization’s influence and impact. Members create meaningful change to local policies through collaboration, research, and advocacy. Currently, our policy priorities are to identify and support housing, homelessness, and behavioral health initiatives that maximize taxpayer investments, now and in the future.

By joining San Diego’s trusted watchdog and public policy think tank, you will be advancing effective and efficient government policies for San Diego citizens.

Membership Benefits & Options

We have two distinct memberships through our Association and Foundation.

Taxpayers Association Membership

Advocate. Influence. Fight for San Diego’s taxpayers. 

Become a San Diego County Taxpayers Association Member and fight for San Diego’s taxpayers and influence public policy.

Educational Foundation Membership

Research. Educate. Be a part of San Diego’s policy think tank. 

Become a San Diego Taxpayers Educational Foundation Member and collaborate on research to educate citizens on taxpayer issues. 

Why Join?


We show up when you don’t have time

Our staff does the work, so you don’t have to. We provide:

• Oversight of local government finances

• Attendance at public meetings

• Membership on oversight/advisory committees

• Input on fiscal decisions & action on tax problems

You’ll be first in line

Be in the know with:

• Ballot recommendations & legislation analysis

• Insight on public policy & a library of historical policy papers

• Alerts to tax threats & policy e-newsletter

• Media contacts & press commentary


Have a voice in San Diego policy

Joining means your voice is heard, so you can:

• Influence policy discussions and recommendations

• Get attention from decision makers with access to an on-call spokesperson

• Vote privileges on our committees

• Invitations to high profile events including the Golden Watchdog & Golden Fleece Awards Dinner

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