SDCTA Opposes Proposition 15 - Public Campaign Financing Measure, 2010

The San Diego County Taxpayers Association has a long history of opposition to utilizing public funds for public office campaigns. An increased charge on lobbyists would be used to fund the campaigns of qualified candidates for the Secretary of State office in 2014 and 2018 of up to $1 million per candidate for primary elections and up to $1.3 million for general elections. These funds could be spent on negative ad campaigns and gifts of up to $25 per person for campaign purposes. Additionally, if a non-participating candidate outspends the original amount allocated to the participating candidate, they may have access to up to four times the original allocation amount. While there is a provision that states that if there are insufficient funds to provide for candidates, each candidate would endure a proportionate decrease in their allocated funds, it is also important to note that the Legislature would have the power to direct money from the General Fund to support campaigns. Because non-participating candidates do not face campaign spending limitations, they may out-spend participating candidates beyond the limitation of the Fair Elections Fund, thereby depleting the fund. This statutory amendment allows for an inappropriate use of taxpayer dollars, especially at a time when California is facing severe financial problems.

Download the report here.

Rosey Williams