Municipal Analysis: City of El Cajon (August 2010)

* In FY 2010, the City experienced a 10.3% decline from their budgeted General Fund revenue of $52.8 million dollars in to their actual General Fund revenue of $47.4 million dollars. Through cost-cutting measures, the City decreased the budget shortfall to $2.86 million, which was made up with reserves. * The City expects to face a deficit in FY 2011 and plans to use $3.18 million in reserves to cover the shortfall. * Since FY 2003, city staffing has decreased 16.43%. * In July 2009, the City decreased the employer-paid member contributions for all local nonsafety employees. These employees, as of July 2010, began contributing 2% of their salary to their pension costs. Currently members of the City's Firefighters' Associations do not monetarily contribute to their public pension. * The City's pension costs have increased 267.79% between FY 1999 and FY 2009. * In October of 2009, the City consolidated fire management services with the cities of La Mesa and Lemon Grove. This consolidation has resulted in an estimated $500,000 in combined savings for the cities involved.

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Rosey Williams