SDCTA opposes Proposition B - County of San Diego Supervisor Term Limits, 2010

The Board of Supervisors is the governing body of the County of San Diego. The five current Supervisors (Pam Slater-Price, Diane Jacob, Greg Cox, Ron Roberts, and Bill Horn) have held their respective offices since 1995. Presently, voters in each of the County's five districts elect an individual from their district to serve on the Board for a four-year term, beginning at noon the first Monday in January following election, and to hold office until the qualification of a successor. SDCTA has a varied history regarding its position on term limits. In November 1990, SDCTA supported Proposition 140 which was approved by voters and imposes term limits on State Assemblymembers and Senators. Ten years later, in November 2000, SDCTA supported Proposition E, which would have eliminated term limits for the Mayor and City Council in the City of Chula Vista. A summary of SDCTA's prior positions can be found in Table 1.

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Rosey Williams