SDCTA Opposes Proposition U: City of Santee Transient Occupancy Tax Increase

SDCTA opposes Proposition U because the City of Santee should consider eliminating the employer-paid member contribution (EPMC) as an alternative method of balancing the City's budget. With the added exemption of long-term visitors from the TOT, Proposition U will no longer be able to achieve its stated purpose: to balance the City's budget. Prior to October 2009, the City of Santee picked up the full eight percent of EPMC for miscellaneous employees and the full nine percent for safety employees. Although the City now contributes four percent of annual salary for miscellaneous employees and five percent for safety employees, SDCTA believes that City employees should be responsible for paying the entirety of their expected employee contribution. Combined with the already implemented adjustments to the City fee schedule, the elimination of EPMC would provide more permanent General Fund relief than an increased TOT.

Download the report here.

Rosey Williams