SDCTA OPPOSES Measure J (Nov 2016) - "Mission Bay Park Lease Revenue"

SDCTA has historically opposed ballot box budgeting, and Measure J would be a continuation of this practice for Mission Bay Park lease revenues established by then-Proposition C in 2008. The Association recognizes the efficiency improvements that Measure J would bring to the current section 55.2 of the City Charter, and also recognizes that Proposition C has allowed the City to save money over nearly a decade to spend on priority projects including deferred maintenance in the parks. However, Measure J would continue to require lease revenue funds to be tied to park improvements for over fifty years, which will tie the hands of City officials for too long in the case of an emergency or other scenarios where the General Fund may need more revenue. Additionally, the proponents' argument for needing stability in funding to issue thirty year bonds would be met by an extension to 2050, not to 2069. Lastly, Proposition C in 2008 was created to preserve Mission Bay Park lease revenue for improvements in Mission Bay Park, but Measure J would deviate from that original intent by reducing the allocated ratio of funds going into the Mission Bay Park Improvement Fund.

Download the report here.

Rosey Williams