SDCTA Supports Measure P (Nov 2016) - "Chula Vista Half-Cent Sales Tax"

The additional revenue from the proposed sales tax and a subsequent bond may help address the most critical infrastructure needs of the City of Chula Vista. The City has maintained reasonable and increasing reserve levels and has had a decreasing level of debt per capita over the last 10 fiscal years. City staffing levels per 1,000 residents have remained low and relatively consistent over the last several years and the City has created a plan to address its failing infrastructure. SDCTA believes that the City has made significant changes to its pension program to address rising pension costs as well as implemented other efficiency measures, but notes that the City has openly expressed concerns about these rising costs. Lastly, the City has taken various steps to implement transparency and accountability with this measure, such as requiring City staff to create a spending plan for Measure P funds and present it to the City Council for adoption each year.

Download the report here.

Rosey Williams