While the bill would implement important accountability measures in SANDAG such as the creation of an Audit Committee, SDCTA's recent recommendations to enhance transparency and clarity for taxpayers highlight that elected leadership who serve as representatives to SANDAG need to take increased responsibility in communicating back-and-forth with their respective governance bodies and the SANDAG board. Without policies and practices in place aligned with SDCTA's recommendations, the changes in the voting structure of these transportation agencies do not address the root causes of SANDAG's recent governance challenges as outlined as findings in SDCTA's recent report. Thus, AB 805's governance changes inserted by Sacramento are premature. Additionally, and possibly more importantly, if a weighted vote is called, such a vote would greatly concentrate the decision-making power among the region's most populous cities and eliminate the need for consensus building with the smaller member jurisdictions in SANDAG, MTS, and NCTD.

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Rosey Williams