SDCTA Supports Santee School District $15.37 Million Bond Reauthorization on November 6, 2018 Ballot

Santee School District’s proposed bond measure meets key provisions of SDCTA’s Bond Support Criteria, and no reason has been found that would prevent the District from executing the projects outlined in its program.  SDCTA supported Proposition R in 2006 which aimed to allow the District to complete its Capital Improvement Program.  Due to the economic downturn, Santee School District was unable to meet Education Code requirements for tax rate projections and as such was unable to issue the remaining $15.37 million in Proposition R bond funds.  The District has completed all but 4 projects in the program and is likely to acquire additional revenue from land sales.  The proposed bond reauthorization is structured in such a way as to maximize taxpayer savings and complete the remaining projects in only three years.

Download the report here. 

Rosey Williams