San Diego Unified Port District Analysis (2019)

The San Diego Unified Port District oversees two maritime cargo terminals and two cruise ship terminals. The District also oversees the Harbor Police Department and the leases of hundreds of tenant and subtenant businesses around San Diego Bay, including 18 hotels and resorts, 105 restaurants, 22 parks, 20 marinas and yacht clubs, three specialty retail centers, and numerous other attractions including museums and bay tours.

In 2017, the District’s overall economic impact was $9.4 billion, a 22% jump in four years, and a 13% increase over two years according to the 2017 Economic Impact Report. The District’s core services, such as maritime, real estate, harbor police, parking, and attractions, allow the District to generate sufficient revenue to operate without tax dollars. The District has the authority to levy a tax but has not done so since 1970.

These services, along with other operating revenues, non-operating revenues and capital grants and contributions, generated the district $192,192,259 in fiscal year 2018.

Download the report here.

Rosey Williams