SDCTA Statement on Federal Tax Reform

Greg Stein, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the San Diego County Taxpayers Association, released the following statement today:

“With President Trump prepared to sign into law the biggest tax reform package of the last 30 years, San Diego’s leadership has a lot to contemplate this holiday season. Businesses and residents alike can expect substantial changes to their federal tax obligations beginning in the New Year.

Any opportunity to reduce the tax burden for Americans, put U.S. corporations on an even playing field with international competitors, and push government to seek greater efficiency is a benefit to taxpayers throughout the region. Changes to state and local tax exemptions will also create strong incentives for elected leaders to review their own tax codes, especially here in California.

We pay some of the highest tax rates in the country, and yet we are also home to some of the largest homeless populations. This is just one of many indicators that our state and local governments are not spending taxpayer funds effectively on behalf of our communities. With less resources, our efforts to reduce the costs created by growing pension liabilities and other legacy programs are more important than ever. Our Association has always been a trusted voice in advocating for these reforms, and we look forward to continuing our efforts in 2018.”

Download the statement here.

Rosey Williams