SDCTA Supports City’s Decision to Postpone Implementation of CCA or Alternative

The San Diego County Taxpayers Association supports the City staff’s recommendation to postpone implementation of Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), or an alternative means of reaching our renewable energy goals, until it has enough information to complete a full cost benefit analysis.

The SDCTA does not have an official position on Community Choice, but we do strongly oppose far reaching public decisions based on incomplete information. Our association strongly believes all options under consideration should go through a rigorous evaluation process, which transparently calculates costs and benefits consistently across proposals.

Guided by this perspective, we created an endorsement process earlier this year so the average taxpayer can understand how their municipalities are planning and implementing climate action strategies. We stand ready to evaluate whatever policies are put forward to help our community reach its ambitious climate action goals, whether it be a CCA or an alternative provided through the official Request for Proposal (RFP) process.

It is up to our elected leaders to ensure that our community does not go down a path without fully understanding the costs and long term consequences for San Diego.

Download the press release.

Rosey Williams