Dr.​ ​Reaser’s​ ​Report​ ​Casts​ ​Doubt​ ​on​ ​the​ ​Feasibility​ ​of​ ​CCA​ ​in​ ​San​ ​Diego

Haney Hong, President and CEO of the San Diego County Taxpayers Association, released the following statement today:

“Dr. Lynn Reaser’s assessment of the City’s feasibility study is concerning to say the least. PLNU’s Chief Economist suggests that Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) might not lead to cost savings for ratepayers or allow San Diego to reach its climate action goals as indicated byan independent analysis of the City’s study. This review questions some of the key findings of the feasibility study, and it further highlights the risks involved in creating such a large public program that may not be financially solvent for many years, if ever.

More than anything, Dr. Reaser’s report demonstrates the need for community leaders to continue asking questions about whether or not CCA is right for San Diego. The Taxpayers Association has requested the City share how much the feasibility study cost to develop. If the City chooses to pursue CCA, we hope they will work with us, to show why it believes the methodology and results of the study are sufficient to move forward with an official proposal.“

Download the press release here.

Rosey Williams