What Can Taxpayers Expect for the Future of Mission Valley? Taxpayers Association Releases First Part of SoccerCity and SDSU West Analysis

he San Diego County Taxpayers Association (SDCTA) released the first section in their five part review of competing proposals for the SDCCU Stadium site. Come November, San Diegans will have an opportunity to choose between dueling visions for one of the region’s most valuable assets. The full analysis will answer taxpayers’ biggest questions in preparation for their vote later this year.

“With such an important community asset on the table, it’s vital that voters really understand both proposals and how they differ,” said Haney Hong, president and CEO of the Taxpayers Association. “If either or none of these plans pass, we want our community to have clear sense of what to expect moving forward.”

The section released today identifies major items each side would be obligated to build/provide should their respective initiative pass. SDCTA’s analysis also outlines implications for the City should neither initiatives receive enough votes, which remains a key element of this debate.

To ensure transparency and fairness throughout the research process, SDCTA formally requested information from the authors of both initiatives. These questions and their official responses are also included in the full report.

SDCTA is scheduled to release a new section of its analysis each week over the next month, which will focus on the following questions:

What should taxpayers know about the the site’s fair market value of and how it will be determined?
What are the costs of building and operating a stadium under each proposal?
What are the land use planning processes laid out within each proposal?
What tax revenues will be created or maintained through these plans?

Download the press release here.

Rosey Williams