What is the Mission Valley Stadium Site Worth to Taxpayers?

The San Diego County Taxpayers Association (SDCTA) released part two of its analysis reviewing the SoccerCity and SDSU West proposals. Earlier in the year, SDCTA announced plans to review the competing initiatives in a five-part analysis ahead of November’s vote.

Both initiatives require taxpayers be compensated for any public land that would be purchased or leased as part of the development process. The report, which can be found here, details how the fair market value of this land would be calculated based on language found in each proposal. The analysis addresses the question, who decides how much this public land is worth to taxpayers?

This section follows a report released last week detailing what San Diegans can expect to be built or provided should either initiative receive enough votes to pass. Still to come, SDCTA will publish similar analyses to answer the following questions on behalf of regional taxpayers:

What are the costs of building and operating a stadium under each proposal?

What are the land use planning processes laid out within each proposal?

What tax revenues will be created or maintained through these plans?

Download the press release here.

Rosey Williams